Is Rubber Mulch Safe? [Best Guide]

Is Rubber Mulch Safe

Is Rubber Mulch Safe:- Manufacturers laud rubber mulch from shredded tires as lasting, beautiful, and safe for flowers, plants and dogs. According to the companies, the mulch material is a reliable solution to an enormous waste disposal problem.

On the other hand, Rubber should not be used as a landscape amendment or mulch, according to scientific evidence. Toxic compounds leach from Rubber as it degrades, poisoning soil and plants without a doubt.

Is Rubber Mulch Safe

The hazardous consequences of rubber leachate are caused from the minerals it contains. Rubber has a large amount of zinc, accounting for up to 2% of the tire’s mass.

Rubber products that have been exposed to contaminants such as lead or other toxic metals will absorb and release these elements during their useful life. 110 million tires are reused from scrap rubber companies.

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When used to make ground surfaces and crumb rubber mulch, some of it receives a new lease on life. Grinding and screening are used in the production process to remove stones, metal, fibre and other impurities from scrap tire rubber.

To eliminate fibre, the tires are sieved, and leftover metal particles are removed using powerful magnets and vacuums. This is a meticulous procedure that must adhere to the ASTM standards.

To ensure a high level of satisfaction and trust, the recycled rubber mulch is tested on a regular basis. Rubber mulches can also leech plasticizers and accelerators used in tire production.

Some rubber leachates are known to be detrimental to human health at high concentrations; symptoms of exposure range from skin and irritation to organ damage and even death.

Long-term exposure can result in neurological damage, cancer, and abnormalities. Some of the hazardous compounds found in Rubber degrade fast, while others build up chemicals often used as an accelerator throughout the manufacturing process and are one of the most prevalent rubber leachates.

It is persistent in the environment and hazardous to aquatic creatures, can inflict long-term damage to marine habitats subjected to rubber leachates and human health consequences.

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Rubber leachate’s toxic nature is due to its mineral content: Lab and field leachates have been found to contain aluminium, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, sulphur and zinc.

We produce around 290 million scrap tires, and scrap stockpiles are a considerable fire hazard. We need to find a safe technique to reuse these slow-decomposing materials, but mulching our gardens and grounds with shredded tires is not a good idea.

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